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Get of the beaten tracks and take the challenge of a lifetime.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and Africa's highest peak at 5895m / 19'300 feet. The mountain is located in Tanzania, East Africa.

Routes on Kilimanjaro

The Rongai route takes you up the north side of the mountain. Then traverses to the South, where you descend the Marangu route. Together with the up-down-ascent of the Marangu route it gives the easiest route to the summit. The Rongai route is of similar distance as the Marangu route. A beautiful variation leads past the peaks of Mawenzi, a subsidiary peak of Kilimanjaro with wild rock formations.

Shira route gives a good approach for the Wastern Breach.  The routes is on the far west side, and is essentially the same as the Machame route, though you start at a higher altitude, which gives a good amount of time for acclimatization.

Umbwe Route is the most direct line to the summit if combined with the Western Breach ascent. It offers a beautiful and remote way to climb Kilimanjaro. Two day straight up a wildly vegetated pass lead to the Baranco camp, where the way crosses the Machame route and offers scenic views of the Breach wall.

Lemosho (Shira), and Machame routes are camping routes that take longer and are considered more scenic than the Marangu route. On the Marangu route you will be staying in huts as opposed to camping, and you hike up and down the same path. The Lemosho and the Machame routes traverse the mountain and descend down the Mweka route.

Marangu Route is the only hut based route on the mountain. Mostly these are overcrowded and do not offer comfortable services. Due to the infrastructure this route is the cheapest way to climb the mountain.

Mweka route is only used for descent, which is mandatory.

Kilimanjaro circuits

The Northern circuit traverses the dry side facing Kenya.

The Southern circuit traverses the glaciers facing Tanzania.

The Western Breach leads up the Western Breach and down the Eastside of Kilimanjaro.

The crater camp is most conveniently combined with the Western Breach, where you traverse over the mountain.

We offer following trips to climb the summit of Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro & Rongai Route

Trek an easy route to the top of Africa, enjoy the scenic view of Mawenzi peaks and traverse the mountain from North to South.

Meru & Kilimanjaro Trekking

After Meru Peak we approach the mountain on the Umbwe or Lemosho route, the climb the Western Breach to camp on the crater.

Mount Kenia & Safari & Kilimanjaro

Climb Kilimanjaro and the second highest mountain of Africa Mount Kenya, combined with a short safari. Kilimanjaro crater camp.

The highest peak of Africa - Climb Kilimanjaro

Summit Kilimanjaro